Video Services for Non-Profit Organization Housing 1000 to Promote Homeless Program in Silicon Valley

A program under the City of San Jose ask us to cut a short informational video from nearly 15 to 20 hours of footage to promote a local program to house homeless members in Silicon Valley.  The footage was shot by volunteers with mini Flip cameras throughout the initiative for several months.  C Sharp Video Productions came in at post-production to convert and transfer all footage, cut and splice, and visually enhance.  Thanks to my team involved (music composer, motion graphics artists) we were able to present the final piece to the board.

This was part of their campaign to seek further funding for the program.

The video was posted on their website at Housing 1000, distributed on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites via Youtube.  The goal of Housing 1000 is to house 1,000 chronically homeless men and women by 2013.  Housing 1000 is a local organization in Silicon Valley under the umbrella among other similar organizations throughout America to house 1000 homeless members in their respective area.  Please visit their website to read about the individual stories and find out how you could help this great cause.  Did you know housing the homeless permanently is more cost effective than for them to depend on shelters that would ultimately send them back to the streets?  Let’s stop the cycle now and donate a dollar at their crowd funding website.

For more information visit or call (408) 497-0650 for more information.  Ask for an estimated of your next video.

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