Promotional Video for Martial Arts Instructor Arthur Lam in San Jose

Promotional videos are a great way to promote services to new clients for small business owners.  It is a concise way to show and tell what you have to offer in your business.  Here is a recent promotional video about a new Martial Arts instructor in San Jose who explains his new style of Tai Chi.  This video was to promo his new school and launch his marketing campaign to grow his student base.  The video was distributed through mass email, social media private messages, and Facebook.

I have discussed with the client to shoot with more abstractly with close shots, utilize the slider with a more cinematic effect, and incorporate smooth transitions to match well with the content presented.  The scenes were shots at William Street Park in San Jose.  Production time was about an hour and a half with a brief interview and a demonstration.  It was filmed with one camera, audio, and a soft light angled at 45 degrees.  Turnaround time was about two days.

You may visit Mr. Lam’s blog to inquire about lessons in San Jose.

For more information visit or call (408) 497-0650 for more information.  Ask for an estimated of your next business video.

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