Promotional Documentary Video for The Academy for Salon Professionals in Santa Clara, CA

The Academy for Salon Professionals called us early 2013 and asked us to produce a promo video. They needed a good video to use to recruit and reach out to more students to the program. Interviewing the recent top five students is the most appealing way to show potential students to see how effective their program is, all of which work at high-end salons: Head to Toe in San Jose, James Craig Color in Los Gatos, Capricious Skin Care, W’s Salon in Santana Row, and V Jones Salon.

We had a simple set up for this promotional video that kept costs down. The set up was a wireless lav connected to a Canon HDSLR with a softbox. The number of locations and interviews needed to be covered evened out the budget. The client gave me five names to reach to schedule the shoots at each of the five different locations on five different days.

Editing was quite interesting because we approached it documentary style. The editor at that time had more creative freedom on what to do with the material from selecting sound bites from the interviews and using the b-roll to illustrate what was being send.

Overall, this video demonstrates our strength is our style of shooting and editing.

What we could have done differently is to implement other rigs like steady cams and a crane for the life shots of the stylists and establishing shots, respectively.

We picked Sharp Video because the work on their website was exactly the type of work we were looking for. They had worked with similar companies before and the work was very professional and artistic. We were not disappointed! Our commercial is better than we had imagined when we planned the project! Christine has a sense for exactly what is going to work. She took my skeleton of an idea and fleshed it out into a brilliant commercial. She was extremely easy to work with and met all the deadlines we needed her to make. She was completely professional and everyone enjoyed working with her. We will hire her company to do any work we have in the future and highly recommend them to anyone beginning the ad process. – James C. Stanley, Co-founder, CEO of Academy for Salon Professionals

Academy for Salon Professionals Video Promo

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