Making Your Marketing Pack a Punch with Video Blogs

c-sharp-video-productionsThe global recession along with a host of other factors has thrown a spanner in the works for B2B marketers; it has created several challenges for the marketing departments of mid- and large-sized companies. Video blogs, in this context, can really be your marketing solution.

Challenges you might face

  1. Justifying ROI on marketing spend: Tracking the ROI from every marketing activity is next to impossible: not all of them have a one-on-one correlation with a Continue reading “Making Your Marketing Pack a Punch with Video Blogs”

Video Testimonials: Put Your Best Foot forward

c-sharp-videoIn recent times, video testimonials have emerged as a powerful marketing tool. They help marketers establish their credentials with ease, by showcasing real users in real-life situations, who endorse their products. Prospects view with suspicion text testimonials or sound-bites. But they perceive a video testimonial as a more genuine endorsement of a product; this is because the customer’s identity is shared, and it creates an instant connect with the audience.

History and evolution of video testimonials

Interestingly, video testimonials have an over-a-century history, and their origin can be traced back to the silent-movie era. In short, 30-second pantomimes Continue reading “Video Testimonials: Put Your Best Foot forward”


If you’re like a lot of people, you may spend a lot of time watching YouTube for research purposes. The video site has become a bit of a hub for anyone, anywhere, to post their opinions and self-imposed wisdom on everything, from dating advice to video game reviews to style tips. It is, to a certain degree, wonderful that anyone with a mildly decent camera can reach so many people now on their chosen topic to YouTube about.

However, with that, there can come a problem, especially to us videographers (we make a living trying to make sure we avoid these things, so forgive us for being a little too perfectionist). These are problems of the technical sort that come from the lack of knowledge Continue reading “MAKING THE MOST OF THE TALKING HEAD: BASIC REVIEW VIDEO TIPS”

Relax! It’s Just An Interview: How A Loose Interview Structure Always Beats Heavy Scripting

General conventions teach us that preparation is the key to success. If you have a plan, and a backup plan in case the plan fails, and a backup to the backup in case that one fails, then there’s nothing to keep you from succeeding. In the case of video interviews, I have seen many people new to interviews try to go by this concept when their turn comes to be interviewed; they have an answer to everything, heavily rehearsed and down to every word.

And the end result? Interviews that aren’t so great. Terrible at worst, lackluster at best. What we end up getting on camera tends Continue reading “Relax! It’s Just An Interview: How A Loose Interview Structure Always Beats Heavy Scripting”

The C Sharp Video Productions Mission Statement

We are the one-stop shop in video production that provides unique services specific to business videos. In partnership, we help small businesses and local Fortune 5000 companies achieve their goals.
We provide tools through video and storytelling that builds leverage for better communication among their team, the community, and the world. We streamline business processes with the tools we create. We serve the next-generation problem solvers.