Kickstarter Video Documentary Video Production

Are you in need of a video for your kickstarter campaign? Check out what we were able  to do for Ricochet Wearable Art Fashion.


The fashion design studio in San Mateo needed a promotional documentary done for both their website and their kickstarter campaign in March 2013. They wanted a ten minute version of the overview of their studio events to post on their website at

A five minute version of the longer version was later edited to post on their kickstarter campaign. Their goal was to raise enough money to buy more equipment for their internship program.

Due to the low production budget, we gathered all that we could to produce a 5-minute and 10-minute overview documentary video. One videographer filmed the interview portion and filmed environmental shots of the studio while the interns where working all in one day.

On top of that, four to five mini interviews of the interns were captured run n gun style. The set up was camera on tripod with wireless lav and a softbox light or LED.

10-Minute Version

5-Minute Version

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