Filming for an Keastase Audition Video at W’s Salon in Santana Row

Back in December 2013, we were called to film an audition tape for a spot to style at Fashion Week in New York. It was for a hair stylist who works at W’s Salon in Santana Row. The artist was pressed for time and we had four days to complete the video. The look was expected to be a two-shot against a white backdrop as the stylist talks about the hair style she is demonstrating.

We cleared the space at the salon location and set up a white backdrop. We had two softboxes to light the subjects and backdrop and one LED for fill, one camera at WIDE angle on a tripod with the wireless lav connected to the camera, and the second camera was on monopod with a Rode mic for extreme closeups.

Things to improve: Our lighting mistakes during production has reared its ugly head during post. What I would like to do in the future for this style is to have two more LED panels to flood the white backdrop to get rid of the shadows. Two more softboxes or LEDs would be lighting the subjects at the forefront. At least this time, we had to chroma key the colors and shadows from each shot from the unproperly lit backdrop. Here are the results below.

The good news is that the artist made the cut and served as a stylist at the 2014 Fashion Week and few to New York for training the next month.

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