Film and Edit Series of Video Blogs for Local Art Exhibit RAW Artists Non Profit at Beso NightClub in San Jose

An international non profit organization asked me to film their art exhibits throughout the summer season.  Video blogs were produced in San Jose at the monthly showcase event where local artists exhibit their work to sell and promote.  The videos were shot by only one camera throughout the event.  The interviews were stationed with a lamp and the b-roll shots were taken throughout the event.  Opening the video with motion graphics and an overall intro,

each artists would have a memorable video to showoff about afterwards.  Various artists include the following and more:

  • visual artists
  • photographers
  • painters
  • jewelry & accessory designers
  • fashion designers
  • fashion styles
  • makeup artists
  • body painters
  • filmmakers
  • musicians
  • performing arts and dancers

About 15 to 20 videos were shot during the event and later uploaded to the RawArtistsTV Youtube channel.  The videos are part of the media package the organization offers to these artists to use to promote themselves and their work; also include photo portraits.  Motion graphics and original music tracks were also implemented into the video.  These videos are great promotional tools for both the artists and the organization.

Contact C Sharp Video Productions at for more info about filming and producing a trendy splice of your event in video.

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