Fashion Show at The Academy for Salon Professionals

We were lucky to receive a call again in March, a couple of months after producing their promo video,  from the Academy to film their fashion show event at the school location in Santa Clara. They usually organize semester or quarterly portfolio shows for the newly graduated students to showcase their work and demonstrate their abilities by participating on a fashion show.

The production was a two-camera operation: one on steadycam and another camera on monopod for b-roll and environmental shots. We had to cover preparation, hair and make up before the show at the back, long lines outside and registration at the front as the guests were offered refreshments and programs. The portfolio and interviews were first in the program which took about an hour as friends and family sat along the runway. Industry professionals who were invited

continued to interview the newly grads with portfolio displays until the fashion show was about to start. One camera was set up at the end of the runway and another was set on another tripod at the middle of the runway where it made an intersection at wide angle. We only provided the raw footage, no editing was required.

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