Company Profile Videos: How you can get them Right

C Sharp Video_JulyTechnology has transformed the way we live and work, and it is pronouncedly manifest in the last two decades. Five significant aspects of this transformation that stand out in shaping the current technology landscape are Mobility, Social Media, Cloud, Big Data and Internet-of-Things.

The combination of mobility and social media has drastically disrupted the services of brand marketers; as a result, organizations around the world are re-evaluating, like never before, all the marketing models, mechanisms and prospect engagement strategies in use. Your business is sure to flourish, if you can depend on an easier way of attracting large groups of consumers to share data that will endorse your brand.

While data can be shared in different formats, videos remain the most popular mechanism. The ability to convey a lot of information in a short time frame and in creative ways makes videos very engaging. Little wonder then that a large bulk of the marketing effort for brands today involves one or more videos, which are a lot more cost-effective than print and broadcast media initiatives.

Factors you should consider while making a corporate video

Establish a purpose for the video

To begin with, you should know clearly, what the video is all about: whether it is a company profile video, product explainer video, product testimonial video or a client case-study the salient points of the message to be conveyed are.

Create a storyboard

Accordingly, one or more storyboards must be created, and the best among them chosen for maximum effectiveness. Next should be written a good script that uses an optimally simple but elegant language, as well as right words in the right places.

Make a thorough plan

You should be clear about the budget, timeline to complete the video and costs of scriptwriting, production, distribution, voiceover, etc. Smaller details such as outdoor vs. indoor shoot, paid professional actors vs. unpaid employee actors, etc., should also be factored into the budget.

Engage a video production company

Creating a video can be a do-it-yourself exercise using your own smart phone; but engaging a creative production company or an agency for the same would be a much better option. These companies have the right expertise and experience to factor various technicalities for the video, while keeping the costs and timelines to your satisfaction.

Disseminating and distributing the video

Previously, corporate videos were displayed during major events, or put up on the company website. Now, they are being uploaded on social media and video share websites to reach larger, targeted or curated audiences.

Trending features of corporate videos

  • Moving shots: Stationary shots are considered dull, be they indoor or outdoor. Recent videos use continuously sliders, zoom and rotation, to create a movie-like effect for even corporate videos.
  • Concise and focused: Recent corporate videos choose one or two key aspects of the company/product, and highlight them very effectively. This is in sharp contrast to the earlier practice of displaying a lot of information, similar to that found on the company website or collateral.
  • Creative slow shots: While a good pace is desirable, recent videos deliberately slow a particular section of the video, to emphasize some information.
  • Mix of user-generated content: Recent videos tend to incorporate, after creative edits, snippets of videos, shot by one or more associates of the company.

The viewer watches closely a video, whereas the reader skips over large chunks of textual information found on the website or printed collateral. Hence, a corporate video has a more crucial role to play: it can make or break your company’s image largely.

By engaging a professional video production agency, you can increase the chances of creating a winning video; you can enhance its emotional appeal or memory recall more effectively than other branding initiatives.

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