Kickstarter Video Documentary Video Production

Are you in need of a video for your kickstarter campaign? Check out what we were able  to do for Ricochet Wearable Art Fashion.


The fashion design studio in San Mateo needed a promotional documentary done for both their website and their kickstarter campaign in March 2013. They wanted a ten minute version of the overview of their studio events to post on their website at

A five minute version of the longer version was later edited to post on their kickstarter campaign. Their goal was to raise enough money to buy more equipment for their internship program.

Due to the low production budget, we gathered all that we could to produce a 5-minute and 10-minute overview documentary video. One videographer filmed the interview portion and filmed environmental shots of the studio while the interns where working all in one day. Continue reading “Kickstarter Video Documentary Video Production”

Video Services for Non-Profit Organization Housing 1000 to Promote Homeless Program in Silicon Valley

A program under the City of San Jose ask us to cut a short informational video from nearly 15 to 20 hours of footage to promote a local program to house homeless members in Silicon Valley.  The footage was shot by volunteers with mini Flip cameras throughout the initiative for several months.  C Sharp Video Productions came in at post-production to convert and transfer all footage, cut and splice, and visually enhance.  Thanks to my team involved (music composer, motion graphics artists) we were able to present the final piece to the board.

This was part of their campaign to seek further funding for the program. Continue reading “Video Services for Non-Profit Organization Housing 1000 to Promote Homeless Program in Silicon Valley”

Filming Music Recitals

C Sharp Video Productions in collaboration with Martini Media Network and Tony Bella filmed and recorded a piano recital at San Jose State University on May 15, 2011.  The series of videos uploaded to is part of a package deal for music students at their Junior, Senior, or Graduate recitals. The package also includes a DVD, a CD recording, photos, and online ordering.

Setting up for production again

The second script for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. documentary is finalized. That means that we will be setting up for production in campus by November to film Harry Merserve, a faculty librarian of San Jose State University. This will be the second DVD of the Dr. King series. The focus will be on the panel discussion on Reinterpreting Dr. King’s Dream for the 21st Century. Stay tuned for more updates.