SANDISK PRODUCT SHOWCASE: SanDisk’s 128GB MocroSD Product Showcase: A Videographer’s Breakdown

As a partner for video solutions with SanDisk, C Sharp is proud to  provide its talents to showcase their newest technology. In the case of this video, SanDisk is introducing something pretty incredible: a MicroSD memory card that holds 128GB of data. That’s roughly 16 hours of HD video, 7,500 songs, and 3,200 photos. All on a single MicroSD about the size of your pinky’s fingernail. (these numbers come from a press release page here.
The video clearly demonstrates what the product is capable of (and that’s a heck of a lotby the way), but as a videographer, I find myself asking, what did it take to make that video? The workflow needed to make the product showcase is fairly simple really, and it is a basic Continue reading “SANDISK PRODUCT SHOWCASE: SanDisk’s 128GB MocroSD Product Showcase: A Videographer’s Breakdown”

Real Estate Walkthrough with Steadicam and Slider Shots

Real estate is following the online video marketing movement. Aside from photos or virtual tour simulations, real estate marketing is gearing towards more innovative approaches by producing videos illustrating the property structure and application. Video could also show people in the space by hiring actors interacting in the space. Below you could review videos shot with a steadicam and slider rigs. We have yet to and desire to film a real estate video with actors to make a lifestyle story of living in the property. Continue reading “Real Estate Walkthrough with Steadicam and Slider Shots”

Wyldlyfe Streetwear Commercial

New commercial for Wyldlyfe Streetwear just launched on YouTube and to be posted at  Crew members involved were the following.  Thank you all who were involved.

Christine Ann Iglesias, Director
Mychel McGoy, Producer
Ashley Doss, Co-Producer
Jerome Chagnon, Director of Photography & Camera
Berto Mora, Editor & Camera