Sandisk 128GB Product Launch Video

SanDisk launched 128GB microSD card March of last year for any device that accepts cards of that size. Please watch the video to find out what it means to have a higher capacity of storage in your mobile devices. This video was distributed to other SanDisk branches around the world and to SanDisk customers.

The production set up involved an FS700 with an 18-300 lens and a boom pole shotgun mic. The subjects were lit with a large softbox as the main and an LED as the kicker. Audio backup is a wireless lav which is miked to an audio recorder. It turned out that the first two interviews needed Continue reading “Sandisk 128GB Product Launch Video”

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? SanDisk CEO Sanjay Mehrotra Took ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Challenged Tech leaders to do the same

Unless you have been living in a cave, or maybe a prolonged backpacking trip away from society or something, you will have heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. What started as simple videos of people daring other people to pour freezing cold water over their heads to promote awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease, ballooned into a huge viral phenomenon. It even garnered the attention of everyone, from average joes like us, to politicians, to A-list celebrities like Matt Damon, Justin Timberlake, Amy Adams and Henry Cavill. Yes, even Superman has decided to promote truth and justice for ALS patients by dousing himself with ice water.

In our own Silicon Valley backyard, tech CEOs took to the California summer weather to join in the good will. C-Sharp was fortunate enough to film the ice bucket challengefor SanDisk CEO Sanjay Mehrota. Surrounded by his company’s SanDisk Cares crew, Mehrota
describes the company’s Continue reading “Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? SanDisk CEO Sanjay Mehrotra Took ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Challenged Tech leaders to do the same”

SANDISK PRODUCT SHOWCASE: SanDisk’s 128GB MocroSD Product Showcase: A Videographer’s Breakdown

As a partner for video solutions with SanDisk, C Sharp is proud to  provide its talents to showcase their newest technology. In the case of this video, SanDisk is introducing something pretty incredible: a MicroSD memory card that holds 128GB of data. That’s roughly 16 hours of HD video, 7,500 songs, and 3,200 photos. All on a single MicroSD about the size of your pinky’s fingernail. (these numbers come from a press release page here.
The video clearly demonstrates what the product is capable of (and that’s a heck of a lotby the way), but as a videographer, I find myself asking, what did it take to make that video? The workflow needed to make the product showcase is fairly simple really, and it is a basic Continue reading “SANDISK PRODUCT SHOWCASE: SanDisk’s 128GB MocroSD Product Showcase: A Videographer’s Breakdown”

Startup Event Videography

One of our talented friends who offers event organization services Greg Gioia called us up to film an event for a start up event in San Francisco. He needed one videographer to film one-hour PowerPoint presentation and a speaker on stage, and film the before and after reception and mingling of the 100 or so people attending. This event is for a corporation called Counsyl.

Counsyl is a tech company involved in genetic testing in pregnancy. They develop technologies that make it affordable for anyone. At the company event, they gave a presentation to train or inform other employees and business partners about their newest technology and discoveries.

Before and after the presentation, Continue reading “Startup Event Videography”

Kickstarter Video Documentary Video Production

Are you in need of a video for your kickstarter campaign? Check out what we were able  to do for Ricochet Wearable Art Fashion.


The fashion design studio in San Mateo needed a promotional documentary done for both their website and their kickstarter campaign in March 2013. They wanted a ten minute version of the overview of their studio events to post on their website at

A five minute version of the longer version was later edited to post on their kickstarter campaign. Their goal was to raise enough money to buy more equipment for their internship program.

Due to the low production budget, we gathered all that we could to produce a 5-minute and 10-minute overview documentary video. One videographer filmed the interview portion and filmed environmental shots of the studio while the interns where working all in one day. Continue reading “Kickstarter Video Documentary Video Production”