Training Videos: Get them Right

C Sharp VideoWorldwide, there has been a steady increase in corporate training spend in the last couple of years. As companies struggle to increase profit margins in a highly competitive marketplace, the workforce is seen as the real differentiator; the quality of training they are given is what gives the company an edge. Furthermore, training helps close skill gaps — a serious issue that takes a heavy toll on the revenue and growth opportunities.

In consonance with the smart business practices of recent times, corporate training too has undergone tremendous changes. Gone are the days of traditional, whole-day long, generic classroom training for large batches of employees. Continue reading “Training Videos: Get them Right”

Company Profile Videos: How you can get them Right

C Sharp Video_JulyTechnology has transformed the way we live and work, and it is pronouncedly manifest in the last two decades. Five significant aspects of this transformation that stand out in shaping the current technology landscape are Mobility, Social Media, Cloud, Big Data and Internet-of-Things.

The combination of mobility and social media has drastically disrupted the services of brand marketers; as a result, organizations around the world are re-evaluating, like never before, all the marketing models, mechanisms and prospect engagement strategies in use. Your business is sure to flourish, if you can depend on an easier way of attracting large groups of consumers to share data that will endorse your brand.
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Real Estate Walkthrough Videos: Putting your Best Foot forward

C Sharp VideoThe US Housing market is still in a boom cycle and the trend is expected to continue in 2016. Reports published by Zillow, National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and National Association of Realtors (NAR) are bullish on the growth of the realty market as well as prices through most of 2016. On an average, across the country, the sales of single family and condo units rose by 9.6% between June 2014 and June 2015.

Challenges faced by realty companies

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Storytelling Videos: An Effective Marketing Tool for You

C Sharp Video ProductionsWith an ever increasing accent on marketing campaigns, customers are being bombarded every single day, with countless promotional messages from most media.

This poses a great challenge for marketing managers, who do not want their products to be among several ‘me-too’ ones.

In the last decade or so, marketing professionals have turned to the technique of storytelling, to create an emotional ‘connect’ with their audience; it takes just a short duration of time, and the impact of the message is fantastic. Continue reading “Storytelling Videos: An Effective Marketing Tool for You”

Video Resume: How You can Get it Right

‘Video Resume’ (VR) is one of the recent recruiting trends. It is a great tool for applicants to move beyond the submission of a dull paper resume with a cover letter, and work history.

Lasting not more than a minute, a VR can be your best shot in creating an indelible first impression on a recruiter.  As the VR gets played, you can showcase directly your communication skills, job potentials, personality traits, and other key details.

Video Resume as a new trend

The-paper-only resume is slowly becoming obsolete, and current trends include social media resumes and video resumes. The hypercompetitive, superfast, global job-market Continue reading “Video Resume: How You can Get it Right”